Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Regular Things...

Today marks the second day that I was home with Jillian while Myles was at school.  It seems quite quiet to have just one kiddo at home.  Honestly, we don't ever get this time alone together.  Guess we will from now on!  I have asked her both days what she would like to do.   I imagined she would ask to go to the Children's Museum, want to go shoe shopping for school next week, or a number of other grandiose girl time ideas.  Both days she just chose to do regular things.  Riding bikes, playing with sand dough, reading books, helping with the laundry, organizing her closet (sadly putting away all of the clothes she has grown out of), working school lunch, you know... regular things.

Many times the kids and I spend time running from the library, to the playground, to lunch with Ben, or any other combinations that make up a busy day, always ending at home shortly after lunch in time for naps (and teleconferences, of course).  We have a lot of fun, but it is always busy, busy, busy.  With a girl who judges her desire to do an activity based on how long it will take for us to get there, I guess it shouldn't surprise me that she wanted to stay home.  We had a blast!  We got a lot done too.  She loved being "in charge" of what we did.  She also missed Myles.  So did I.

Playing in the tree house.

Waiting for Myles to get off the bus!

Today was a special day getting him off the bus.  She got to ride her bike on the street to go to the bus stop!

Of course she parked her bike while we waited.

AND - decided to do ballet shows at the end of our neighbor's driveway.  I can't imagine the number of shows once she actually starts classes.


I loved our regular days together.  I'm looking forward to a whole lot more of them (and of course busy days too).  Sometimes, it is nice to just stay home once in a while.  Sounds like a good idea for the weekend...  Especially since I have a little boy who said this week, "Mom, things are really changing around here.  I don't get to see you very often anymore."  I'm thinking he won't mind cuddling on the couch and hanging out at home for a bit this weekend.  Happy Friday Eve, Friends!


  1. So many changes!!! She's so much fun I loved our time together, we missed Myles but the dinamics of just her is awesome!!!!


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