Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn Rants

It's starting to get cooler here in West Michigan.  Something about fall and back to school always has me yearning for lazy days cuddling on the couch (read: dozing) during football games, warm sweaters, tea, bringing the boots back to the front of my closet, and new clothes, of course.  I live vicariously through my kids on this item now.  I love seeing their cute little faces in the adorable new clothes for back to school.  Too bad I don't outgrow my jeans every I can constantly get new clothes like they do!  It's so easy to grab some 4T skinnys for Jillian and 7 slims for Myles without having to try them on.  For me...not so much.  When is it that jean shopping becomes such a pain in the butt?

Speaking of butts...I've been reading about Express's Rerock Jeans.  I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get over there and try some on.  Supposedly they do some amazing things for your butt??  I gotta check this out!  I know I don't want to wear mom jeans...but I'm not so sure I can pull off every pair of trend jeans out there.  Time for some exploration.

And since I'm on a rant...I remember back in my school days the excitement of September.  It meant a new planner.  A whole school year of empty pages that would soon be filled with fun plans, homework, sports schedules...just fun.  New pencils, empty notebooks that I would promise myself to write with perfect penmanship on every single page (until I get lazy sometime in the third week of school), and a backpack filled with new supplies.  The excitement of fresh and new.  I love seeing that very same excitement in my kids now.  They didn't need school supplies this year...but we still went and picked out their favorite markers, crayons, colored pencils, and folders.  It's amazing how a new set of colored pencils can make any project much more exciting.  Want to see our project for today?  It was for Grandparents Day. Please excuse the shadow.  Myles' hand prints were in dark green and Jillian's were in light green.

Fall also make me think of traditions.  Family time.  Our family has many fall traditions that we keep.  Soon, I'm sure we will be planning our trip to the apple orchard.  No autumn is complete without picking apples, hayrides, and of course...the main reason I go...doughnuts and cider.  Jumping in leaf piles, carving pumpkins, going to a high school football game, and a trip to Chicago this fall has all of us excited for the season.  Guess we need to create our new season list, huh?  What is on your list this autumn?

Enough ranting, I suppose.  Hope you have a great Monday!!  Let the new, fresh, week's beginning...begin!

My kitchen chalkboard sign right now.  Don't make fun of my writing (or my drawings).  I am not a teacher!

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