Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
  • Today is my best friend's birthday!  Happy Birthday Benjamin!
  • My new blog design is almost complete!  Be patient as I get things finished.  What do you think?
  • I worked school lunch Wednesday and Thursday last week.  Let me tell you, little Kindergarten girls can be quite complimentary.  My dress…my necklace…my hair…all received compliments.  Wednesday night Myles asked me to wear my wedding dress to lunch the next day…so the girls would think I was pretty again.  He settled for a skirt.
  • Jillian had some leftover macaroni and cheese for lunch one day last week.  She said it was her best lunch ever.
  • I love seeing Myles and Jillian hugging and holding each other tight when we drop Myles off at school in the morning.  Adorable.
  • Both of my kids have clean closets.  It is pure bliss when I open the doors.  Too bad the rest of my closets are not that clean…
  • This weekend, Myles knocked down a huge tower of blocks that Jillian had built as he went running by.  I was prepared for a scream-fest.  Instead, he said, “I’m sorry!  I’m so sorry!  I will help you rebuild it, okay?”  She replied with a happy, “Okay, Myles!!”  Argument averted.  Success.
  • By the third day of school, Ben asked Myles how his day was at school (as we had every day, of course).  His reply was priceless.  “Oh, yeah Dad.  But first, how was your day at work today?”  Love him.
  • Today was Jillian's first day of preschool!  I stayed a few minutes at her request.  Then, with a flip of her hand, she said, "Okay Mom, you can go now.  Love you."  Miss independent.  My favorite comment from her teacher?  Jillian asked if she was sure she should play in the sand because she wasn't really wearing sand playing clothes.  She was wearing first day of school clothes.  :)  Here are some pics of her open house and her first day!

Headed to Preschool Open House on Friday.

Picture perfect.

Love my girl.

Her first locker.


Trying out the Excer Bug in the gym.

My Preschooler.

The "Think Tank" at school.

Today was the first day of preschool!  Myles was a proud alumni at drop-off for his sister today.

Strike a pose.  She is always ready with ten versions of a pose.

My favorite of the poses...the non-pose.

Loading her locker.

Playing with a few toys on the rug with Myles.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • Pea gravel deposits from the playground at school that somehow wedge their way into the tiny crevices of Myles’ shoes and make it all the way home to my living room carpet.
  • Allergy season.  Enough said. (You don’t need to hear about my attempts to create a pinhole in my nostrils to be able to breathe, right?)


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