Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Productivity High

Do you know that feeling you get when you get tons and tons of stuff done that you have been meaning to do?  You know, it's somewhere between relief and accomplishment, and....rockstar?  I loved today.  Jillian and I were super-productive ladies and got tons of things done.  

For whatever reason, I find zen in the fact that all of the books the kiddos have outgrown have now been relinquished to the basement...awaiting a future sibling OR a book donation.  Their bookshelves now resemble the library.  That is exactly where I scored this amazing set of vintage books.  I'm sure that is where the book purge began.  Anyway, for $3.00, I got these amazing classics.  Some of them are first editions and all of them have that old book smell that proves that they are from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Awesome.  Madeline was the super score.  We love her here.  I'm not sure if this copy will actually become a part of the book collection in Jillian's room.  It might just go straight into a shadow box.  It is super old and in perfect condition.  Only a true nerd would be this excited about this book score at the library.  I think the librarian even thought I was weird.
So we did laundry, work emails, Wednesday Wigglers, organized all of the toys in Myles's room, had lunch with Daddy, returned three rejected dresses from a quick shopping trip this weekend (you know - when you buy four for one wedding and return three because you couldn't decide which one to pick in the store??), read tons of books as we organized them, you know...normal Mom stuff. 

Yet, I think my biggest accomplishment of the day actually came in just five minutes of work.  I'm sure the "work" will be worth a huge amount to my little kindergartner when he receives this letter through his school "WEE DELIVER" program with the U.S. Postal Service.  I can't wait to hear all about receiving a letter at school tomorrow.  They sent a note home this week to launch the program, but he hasn't said one word about it.  I'm sure he will be so excited.  Stickers + Construction Paper + Markers + Felt Heart = A Happy Boy.


  1. Jordyn loves getting notes in her lunch bag or finding them in her bookbag! It makes her day. The other day she wrote me one.
    "I'll love you forever, momma" BEST NOTE EVER!!

    1. That is so fun! I love lunch box notes too! Myles has been taking a notebook to school and during his free time, he wrote me a letter twice last week. Adorable. :)

  2. I loved Madeline growing up and quite frankly if I found that book it would be going in a shadow box in MY bedroom!

  3. Love old books!! My mom put notes in my lunch all the way through high school. Always made me feel special. Awesome Nik!


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