Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Jillian was playing doggie this weekend and kept in her character for quite a while, drinking from a bowl, eating her snack from a bowl...the whole bit.  She asked me how Wilson learned to eat without his hands.  I love these pictures taken in her dog house.
  • I got a love letter this week.  Seriously.  How awesome is that?  It was not a traditional snail mail, cologne-scented love letter, but it was a modern day love letter delivered today's way...a Facebook message.
  • Myles gets out of school early tomorrow!
  • Last night Jillian wasn't real interested in finishing her dinner.  She said, "Mom, I don't have a very good signal right now.  I think I need to go outside to get better reception."  Hilarious.
  • Our local school system.  It is frankly, amazing.  Of course, my exposure has only been a month or so, but the programming offered to our children is incredible.  Reading club, mileage club (of course I would eat this up - and Myles loves running), Young Rembrandt's art class, iPads in kindergarten...the options for involvement are amazing.
  • Trampoline time at my mom's house.  The kids LOVE it and it brings back fun memories.  They were super impressed with my flipping abilities.  
  • My sister from Georgia has been in Michigan for a month!  Maternity leave is so fun - and so is cuddling with my new niece.
  • Big family dinners in the middle of the week.  Tonight we were all at my parents house.  All three sisters!  How fun is that?!?

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • Unsolicited advice that isn't right anyway.  Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Remember that fun trampoline time I mentioned above?  Well...too bad I now remember that I am thirty-two based on the tweak in my neck.  Motrin anyone?


  1. At least you don't pee every time you jump on it!!! Lol.... Hopefully time will make it better.

  2. You two crack me up! Hopefully that will get better!! :)


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