Sunday, September 30, 2012

Art Prize and A Prize for YOU! {Giveaway!!!}

Today we went to Art Prize in Grand Rapids.  The art on display completely amazed me.  There are so many talented people in this world we live in!!  My kids enjoyed every single exhibit we saw.  I loved that they appreciated the art and no matter what we were looking at, they could recognize the "cool" factor in the exhibit.  Ben minored in fine art in college - so seeing the amusement in his eyes was great for me too.  Myles was big into making sure not to touch the art.  Both kiddos would fold their hands behind their backs as they approached something new.  So cute!  Here are some photo highlights of the day.

Obvious cool factor for Myles on this one!

Bright colors had children flocking to this sculpture that you could go inside and sit in.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Steel birds.  I think it was called "In flight".  Don't quote me on it.

 Happy Jillian loving the day.

Visiting a cool sculpture created by a friend's dad.  Awesome!

Yes, that is suspended in between two buildings.

Myles and Jillian join this twosome to help them make musical art.  Other kids soon joined in!

Myles making his own Art Prize creation.

Jillian wearing hers.

Both kids posing while we waited 45 minutes in line to have their faces painted.  The only drag of the day in my opinion...but they were so excited and patient about waiting.

Jillian posing again.  I believe this one is called squirrel.  There were dozens of these poses.  I spared you from having to see all of them that she asked me to photograph.

Myles was following Jillian's posing lead - but this one was cute!!

Finally his turn for face painting.

She asked to have "a princess" painted on her face.  Uhhhh.  Not exactly sure what that would look like.

This is what the painter came up with.  She loved it.

Myles asked for Spiderman.  The painter had no idea what he looked like.  Myles told her red and blue webs.  Here you go!

Complete awe.

Hope you had a great weekend.  If you live in West Michigan (or anywhere drivable) be sure to visit Art Prize!  You have one more week to see the awesome artwork from around the world!



Since we are talking about talent and art - I might as well give you wonderful friends another free giveaway!!  This time, I am featuring Amy from Norah's Nook!  She certainly has creative sewing talent...that I definitely don't have!!

Her adorable shop has all sorts of cute items for the tiny tots in your life.  Some of my personal favorites include...

This adorable onesie that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

How about this cutie little hair bow?

Tis the season for this macho little number.  Myles is a little too big...  I need another baby to fit into this! (hint, hint Benjamin Alan!!)

AND - a paci holder.  We needed this in Disney world a few years back!  Then, maybe we wouldn't have been searching to buy a new one in every single store on Disney property.

All wrapped in an adorable package!

Well, today is a lucky day because Amy wants to give one of my lucky followers their choice of anything in her store.  One lucky reader can choose any item and have it shipped right to your door for free!

All you need to do is comment below on your favorite item from her store!  Easy as that!  Oh - and if you want to like me on Facebook - that would make little old me very happy!  :)

This contest will be open for one week!


  1. The flower applique onsie is to cute! I just need to find someone to give it to!! :)

  2. For Corinne G. who commented on Facebook because she couldn't get blogger to work...

    "This may not count, but I couldn't get my comment to post to your blog :(. I LOVE the green turtle neck with the Christmas tree on it. Oh,,, and the Christmas tree hair clip!! So glad you had fun at Art Prize. I've heard nothing but great things! "

  3. I love the Christmas tie tee! The size is perfect as well. Nicole, I love your give swayed, but the problem is...I don't win. I am waiting on an order from anchors away. Now you have guided me to another shop...

  4. I love the Christmas tie tee! The size is perfect as well. Nicole, I love your give swayed, but the problem is...I don't win. I am waiting on an order from anchors away. Now you have guided me to another shop...

  5. I love the light blue onesie with the multi colored bow tie :) would look cute on a little boy at his first birthday party! You guys do so many cool things. Wish we lived closer so we could go together.

  6. The faux leather heart hair tie is my fav. Sammy wants her hair in a ponytail everyday. This would be so cute in her hair :) everything in the shop is cute

  7. My favorite is
    I have a friend that would love to receive any of her amazing goodies.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. As always, I love your blog and pictures. The football onesie is so cute. There are so many cute items in the shop!

  9. Love everything, my favorite is the fish onesie and the fabric bows. I will have to save this site so I can buy some bows for JP's photos!
    Sarah Arendt

  10. The flower hair clips are super cute!!!

  11. Love the headband!! Great pictures of art prize! Looks like fun!

  12. Good Ole G-Rap. Glad you all had fun. Oh and I love the smiling bib.


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