Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Morning Routine.

Do you know any moms that wake up every morning looking lovely, dress each of her children while making pancake animals with fruit and crepes for breakfast?  They arrive 15 minutes early for school and each child has perfectly placed hair and a smile on their face as they say, "I love you, Mom...You are the best ever, " as he or she skips down the hall to their classroom blowing kisses back at their mother.  Yeah, well, she is not me.  Want to hear the reality of this morning?  It was not my best effort ever...  (I wonder if my kids were wishing I went to work today - luckily I redeemed myself!)

We woke up late.  I don't like being late.  I don't like feeling rushed either.  Every night I lay the kids' clothes out, so they can independently get themselves dressed within a certain window of time as we get ready for school.  Well, today they didn't feel like getting dressed.  In fact, Jillian didn't even want to go to school.  She cried over her waffles (frozen waffles) about it.  Maybe "cried" is an understatement.  Is "wailed" too strong?  I don't think so.
So, we are late"ish", (Myles was very informative this evening about "ish."  "Mom, "ish" is when things are not perfect, but they are close enough."  Love it.)  Jillian is wailing, no one is dressed, and I have not even taken a shower.  Awesome.  Did I mention I still needed to pack a lunch?  Yup.  Thus the mad dash crazed-mom began.  Remember my never-ending patience?  It was out the window this morning.

"Get your clothes on!"
"Eat your breakfast!"
"Shoes!  Where are your shoes?"
"Wipe your face, please!!!"
"Why aren't your shoes on yet?  We are late!!"

All of this, in between talking to Jillian about how great school is going to be today - show and tell day!!  At least my sales pitch on school was successful.

I have never been short, impatient, or raised my voice with my kids without feeling guilty.  It happens every single time.  Rightfully so, I suppose.  As soon as we were in the car (within an ample safe window to not receive tardy marks at both schools) it hit me.  The guilt.  I was short.  I was impatient.  They will be away from me today at school and their leaving image of their momma is with unwashed hair,and a tone in my voice that doesn't leave them with that warm and fuzzy feeling at school.  Not ideal.  So...I turn the radio off and apologize.  What do I receive in return from the two cute faces looking at my through my rear view mirror?  Smiles.  Giggles.  "It's okay Momma!!"  Then, they return to talking about school, the day, and what they are looking forward to.  I love them.  Amazingly, they even love me when I am not at my finest.  Unconditional love.  Amazing. Oh - and I still got the kisses and hugs in the hallway at school...deserved or not.  Thank goodness.

Just wait until Wednesday (the next day I will be doing the school route)...I'll be back on my game.


I am so excited to announce the winner to our latest giveaway from Yameyu!  This adorable silver bracelet is now owned by Brooke!!  Please let me know what color bead you would like (red or teal).  Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Have a happy Friday!


  1. Oh I so remember that feeling!! Morning routines can be stressful for sure!! A couple of times I got to work and my shoes didn't match. After the shock, I had to laugh!! Just remember being tardy isn't the end of the world. However, you might end up on yellow Mom!!

  2. Yay! I an so excited to get to wear my adorable new bracelet!!


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