Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without List...

Love List...

  • Tonight while I was making dinner, I was awarded a sticker from Jillian for, "being a good dinner-maker."
  • On the way home from school, Myles was having a very in-depth conversation on his cell phone with one of his friends from school.  No, he does not have a cell phone.  He was using his Nana's old disconnected phone.  I remember these phone conversations back when he was two, but let me tell you, they are much more involved as a kindergartner.
  • On school days for Jillian, Myles wants to know how her day was as soon as he walks in the door.  
  • At night when I go and check on Jillian sleeping I give her a little kiss on her soft and squishy little cheek and I tell her I love her.  I love that in her sleep, she will sleepily mutter, "I love you, too."
  • Friday night in Chicago, Myles hauled out a board game for family game night.  He was so excited to learn all about the new game.  After about fifteen minutes he says, "Mom, how about you play for me.  I'm gonna go do something else."  Next thing you know, Ben and I are playing our game for the kids...on our own.  He was over it.  Gotta love my mover and shaker.
  • I love that Ben and I can share our favorite big city with our children.  They love Chicago like we do.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Fall and winter laundry.  Seriously.  I'm back to pairing socks after a three month (very enjoyable) hiatus.  And jeans?  They take a lot more laundry real estate than shorts.  I honestly think I'm up two whole loads per week as compared to the summer.  Lovely.
  • Our Paypal password.  We do the whole "reset your password" thing every single time we order something.  Why can't we remember this? (I say WE because it is Ben's Paypal account and he is the password setter, since mine was shut down after a jerk in France stole my account and got me banned from eBay for life.)  I have no idea why these nine digits can not stay in our heads.  It is super annoying, though.  Especially because we talk about HAVING to remember it this time...every time.
  • The kitchen garbage stink that had me gagging upon our return home from a weekend away.  
  • After a full day for the kids in Chicago on Saturday, Ben and I decided to take the family down to our favorite restaurant.  Myles was a trooper and we walked about 15 city blocks (about 1.5 miles) to have the best hand-rolled cavatelli Chicago has to offer.  They were closed for a private event.  Sweet.
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  1. How cute about the kids. My future hubby lived in Chicago and it has me wondering if we should move up there. Not to thrilled about the weather (in Fl it's 98 degrees.)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. If its the restaurant you recommended for Nick and I EVVERY time we call they are closed for a private event!!

    1. I think it is e same Angie! So sorry that happened. We have been there MANY times and this was a first. Hopefully sometime you can catch it. It is pretty darn good! :)


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