Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch...Or NOT.

Mom of the year checking in here today...  Please note the sarcastic tone.

This year, our porch did not resemble an autumn harvest.  No corn stalks, no bales of hay, no gourds.  We have even been pumpkin-less all of October.  Yes, we went to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, but we were sure we would be able to get some on a less rainy day. It has been over a week of worried faces and whiny voices insisting that we get our "punkins" REALLY soon.  The days on the calendar continued to flip and we never made it back out to find the perfect pumpkins for the kids.  That brings us to mom of the year moment.  I found my award staring into an empty pumpkin bins at Meijer.  Not the farm, the patch, or the field.  The produce section of Meijer.  AND THERE WERE NONE LEFT.

What a wonderful experience...explaining to your children that we will find some somewhere (and hoping to goodness gracious that we don't end up with foam versions of the orange symbols of the season).  So, it was on to my least favorite store...Walmart.  Never my store of choice, but we were desperate.  You should have seen their tiny faces.  That, "WHY did you wait so long?!?!  We are never gonna get pumpkins" look.  Awesome.  Even better?  I saw it again...when the bin at Walmart...was empty as well.  It was getting late and our quest for pumpkins was not going to supersede bedtimes.  No need to be THAT mom at Walmart, right?

So, it was back home...empty-handed.  Promises of farm fresh pumpkins after church were floating around the car.  Ben said, "There are thousands of pumpkins in Michigan guys, we just have to find them."  Well, we finally did.  They have been carved and our porch is finally autumn adorned.  The seeds have been salted, roasted, and devoured.  Crisis averted.  Here is the proof.

I can't look at this picture without laughing.  Seriously Myles, hilarious.  Is it his serious pose?

Pumpkin head.

So proud.

And so the poses begin...

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. We had a similar day! Except we don't have the luxury of a front porch, so ours is proudly displayed on our kitchen table :)

  2. Better late than never on the pumpkins~ I usually go all out for Halloween as well with the cornstalks, bail of hay, stick scarecrow, a dozen or mums, and a few pumpkins. Sadly, we have one pumpkin, one mum, and a wreath. Happy Halloween.

    1. Looks like the decorations are all a little light - from up North to down South! :) Happy Halloween!


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