Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
Jillian's fish bowl
Abstract flowers by Myles
  • This weekend, Jillian and I were rocking and watching a cooking show.  She fell asleep in my arms.  It was amazing.  That hasn't happened since she was a little baby.  So sweet.
  • Halloween decorations.  AND - the excited kids that help me put them up.
  • Art class creations.  Here are some of the recent kiddo masterpieces to decorate this post, just like they decorate my kitchen.
  • The prize tomato from our "garden" (one little tomato plant).  It was the sole survivor.  All of the rest of the tomatoes fell victim to a hungry animal in our yard.  We picked it early (still green) because it was getting too cold outside.  It is on the ledge of my sink and becoming pink.  Hoping for red!  Just a side note - no one in this house is all that crazy about tomatoes, but this special one...we will definitely eat!
  • I finally put a picture of my own children in a frame hanging in my kitchen.  Goodbye little blond girl that came in the frame.  You have been in my kitchen for long enough.
  • Jillian's Clown
  • Watching Myles sit at the kitchen table and work on a letter.  He brought me an entire pack of pencils to sharpen for him to use on this special note.  Of course, I can't remember where a pencil sharpener might be hiding.  I gave him a pen, rather ruining my eyeliner pencil sharpener.  You would have thought I gave him the newest cool toy on the market.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Lunchbox ketchup explosion.  I'm not sure if "explosion" fully explains the amount of ketchup that can coat the interior of a lunchbox.  Frankly, it was amazing.
  • Getting home from the grocery store and realizing the most important item you went after never even made it into your cart.
  • Speechless parenting moments.  How about this one?  Myles asks about a homeless man on the corner of the street.  Ben make a valiant attempt at the "correct" parenting answer and does a pretty good job.  Of course, several "Whys?" ensue.  The last why was, "Why do you think he has to do that?"  Ben answers something about always doing our best in school and making good decisions to provide yourself with opportunities.  What do you think Myles responded with?  The name of a kid in his class that is "always on yellow and red and will probably have to sit on the side of the road when he gets older because he doesn't do well in school."  Uhhhhhh......


  1. I love your comment about the frame. I had a picture frame with several compartments hanging in my bedroom for years. About a year ago I finally put family photos in it. My husband said to me "Where did the other family go? I miss them. They were with us for so long." Ha! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who does this.

  2. and their literal thinking process. Can you come and put a new picture in my "it's a girl" frame? Libby may get a complex seeing someone else's girl in her room.

    1. You can tell her it is her long lost cousin. I would LOVE to come and put one in though! :) As long as I get to hold her...for a really long time... :)


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