Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yes, I am procrastinating...right. now. 

I should be working on a few things that just have to be done, but I thought I would procrastinate a little longer by writing a quick blog post.  Don't shake your head.  You know you have done it.  I'm sure you have done your share of checking Facebook when you should be working, pinning on Pinterest when there is laundry to be done, or maybe even reading this blog when you should be...uhhhh...dusting?  Nah.

I am very glad we didn't procrastinate on having some fun times this weekend.  We had some big business to complete.  We needed to redeem some rewards.  Reading rewards.  I had one little (actually quite tall) five-year-old that was so geeked to redeem his first Book It personal pizza.  Who knew that pizza could be so exciting?  When you earn it, it must taste so much better.  Same with his Culver's ice cream for Reading Club.  Both redeemed on Friday night.  

He is behind the certificate.  I promise.

Yum!  So exciting.

Today we surprised the kids with a spur the moment trip to the Zoo Boo at Binder Park Zoo this afternoon.  Rain or shine, we were determined to have a good time.  It only poured once.  The kids were super happy to get to wear their costumes in public.  Jillian kept saying things like, "The audience is going to think I am a real bunny, Mommy!"  I guess the world is her stage.

My little bunny ready to leave.

Of course, Myles is Darth Vader.  He loves his mask.  It breathes like Darth Vader and says Vaderisms.  Don't ask me what it actually says.  He loves it.

Ready for action.

Hiding kangaroos brought this face.

Seriously, these are bears in a tree.  A little tree!  The kids learned a valuable lesson from their dad...  If you are ever being chased by a bear, don't bother climbing a tree.

Darth Vader riding an ant dressed as a cowboy.  Of course!  Cracks me up.

Ready to find some candy!

Headed on a hay ride.  Both kids had already ditched their costume heads.

Yes, Ben is using a light saber as a walking stick.

Prairie dogs like Halloween too.  Pumpkins, anyone?

Proof that I was with them....and that it was raining.  Why is it that after straightening Jillian's hair today, it gets wet and turns back into perfect ringlets?  Mine went from flat iron to frizz head in 30 seconds flat.

Good thing I procrastinated.  I was in a bit of a mood and now I have a big smile on my face.  Remembering the fun times of this weekend...worth it.  

Back to work! 


  1. I am going to my zoo next weekend. They have a thing called "Boo at the Zoo". I can't wait to take my brother and see him all excited. Look like you had tons of fun. I think that hair is always that way. Looks amazing for kids no matter what. Adults have to suffer. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours and its premise...can woman have it all? I withered away to about 80 pounds when I went back to work for 4 months, so I commend you. Ok, not 80, but you know what I mean. I did, however, just spend an hour on linkedin looking around. Being at home is so much harder than writing powerpoint decks!

    1. Hey Annie!! I told Niki about your blog :) I thought she would enjoy it. She is my best friend. I think I may have to start my own blog and quit being just a stalker...

  3. I LOVE that Jillian is wearing the bunny costume!! Glad that she loves it :)

  4. I love to hear of the fun times you have with your kids. You're such an awesome mommy:-)


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