Thursday, October 11, 2012

My new only child (for a few hours a week).

I had a great day today with Jillian.  It has occurred to me, I had two and a half years with just Myles and me.  Just now, at almost three and a half, I am getting Jillian all to myself.  I always love spending one-on-one time with the kids.  They each act differently without their "best friend" sibling.  She has my undivided attention and we can spend some fun time together.  I find her to be even more chatty, cuddly, and in love with me on our days alone.  I love it.

Gotta love bowling shoes.
Today was her first field trip for preschool.  A trip to the bowling alley.  She had a ball.  Literally.  Every single drop and roll down the lane had her jumping in excitement.

We met Ben for lunch in between loads of laundry (and loads of fun, of course).  She loves to pick where we go and having time with both of her parents to herself...quite amazing to a tiny tot.

I made some super scores at a consignment store today.  For some reason, I just love finding those perfect little used gems hiding in racks of faded pink shirts.  It is the thrill of the hunt for me.  Today, I conquered.  All the while, Jillian was conquering her reign in a princess castle they had at the front of the store.  Genius.

And now, it is dance time.  She is in class, learning her newest moves with eleven other darling dancers in pink and purple leotards and tutus.  And I - am writing a blog post.

I just had the most interesting conversation with one of the dads here.  He has a job very similar to mine for another company.  We were sharing war stories about market and product development and innovation.  I was sharing with him my constant pull to full-time.  I know my employer would prefer full-time and it would, of course, advance my career.  My issue...I just love these special days with my girl.  It seems like I am just now having the opportunity for this special one-on-one time with her.  Of course, I did not go into any of this with him.  Yet, he did offer a tidbit of his opinion on the topic of returning full-time.  He told me that I was young and I have thirty more years to work.  The job will be there.  You might as well delay now in these early years.  You have thirty more years to advance your career.  Interesting...from a complete stranger.  Something to ponder. 

Oh - and here is Jillian's hair tonight for dance.  For some reason, dance nights are always "try something new with her hair" nights.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the post! I often wonder if giving up my career has done for our family. I don't want my children to think they can't work once they have children. I was not able to work part time, because I am a wimp. I agree with the man, you will have time to climb when your ready!! The dust and dishes will keep, the children will not!

    1. We all have our own way to address the stay at home or work issue. I'm so glad you found what works for you! :)

  2. Oh she's pretty! :) And that sounds like fun!


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