Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • This past weekend, Ben let Myles blow some leaves in the driveway with the leaf blower.  He was yelling a rebel yell with this low man voice the entire time.  Hilarious.  I wish I could capture the yell with words.  It is just something you need to experience.  Pure emotion expressed vocally...and like a man.
  • I have a special hand sugar scrub in the main floor bathroom that we brought back from our trip this summer.  I told Jillian that she needed to ask anytime she wants to use it, so I can help her dish it out of the container with the little wooden spoon.  I love that she chooses to take the risk and use it without asking.  She is enamored with the smell and loves how soft her hands feel.  This girl is headed for high maintenance.  Maybe she is already there.
  • Myles was talking to me this week about how "rambunctious" a character in a book was.  I love hearing him use words that I didn't teach him.
  • A working meeting last night that was straight out of the movies.  A creative team working really late in an amazing innovation room at our corporate headquarters.  We ordered Chinese and powered through decisions until we dropped.
  • I left Monday morning and returned tonight from a trip.  Ben was awesome hauling kids, making dinner, and keeping things together while I was gone.  It is never easy leaving, but knowing they are happy and safe at home sure helps.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • I saw two snakes on a run last week.  TWO!  
  • Donuts and cider from the apple orchard.  I can't say no.  Seriously, something is wrong with me.    Stomachache or not, if we have them, I have to eat them.  It's ridiculous.  
  • Reading Star Wars books to Myles.  I love that he loves them...but seriously?  I can't pronounce half of the words to his standard.  It is like there is this whole other Star Wars language out there...that I prefer NOT to learn.  In fact, I can get through reading a whole book to him and I have no idea what it was about.  I just think about something else.  Autopilot reading.  That is talent.
  • Seeing shoes on the highway.  I will spend entirely too much time playing scenarios in my head to try and determine how the hell a pair of men's shoes ended up in the road.  Did a pissed off girlfriend throw them out of the car?  Did he run out of gas and he feet were hurting so he took off his shoes?  Really!?!  How does this happen?


  1. I wonder the same things about the shoes!

  2. I always fear when I see a pile of things on the side of the road thinking it's a person...especially if it's covered with plastic!

    1. Luckily, there were clearly just a pair of men's shoes. :) If it's wrapped in plastic - I would freak out too!

  3. Thank you, Thank you, thank you! The shoe scenario (and the fact, I do the same thing) had me laughing until my husband asked what I was laughing so hard about! Then I had to explain it and read the whole thing, laughing all over again! MADE MY NIGHT!!!

  4. I'm not sure which MSU game we were at, but on the ramp on the way down there was a flip flop. Another couple of flights was the other flip flop. Eric and I couldn't get over it. We still shake our heads over it.

  5. Yes, scenarios for how shoes, or a shoe ended up on the side of the road. I once lost A shoe out of my bag in Chicago. I retraced my steps for days and never found it. I remember saying to my coworkers - well now I know how random shoes end up on the side of the road. (Although it does not explain how they end up on the side of the highway). Im

  6. What a great post, I like how you focus on the loves and your better off without list isn't even too negative! You are awesome!


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