Sunday, October 7, 2012


We have many traditions in our family that we started when the kids were just tiny tots.   Every year, we make more and more traditions.  I love that they have come to expect certain things at different times of the year, like going to lake Michigan in the summer, cutting down our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and of course, going to Gull Meadows every fall.  Each season they look forward to writing their Fun Things to Do list, decorating the windows with seasonal decorations, and talking about the fun things to come during the season.  Thank goodness the fall and winter seasons are jam-packed with fun traditions.  It keeps us moving through the icky winter months. was our traditional trip to Gull Meadows, despite the cold and rainy weather.  From wagon rides to the apple train, to picking apples...the kids have expectations about our yearly (at least) visit.  They know from tradition what to expect.  I love that.  Traditions are we had to make it happen!  Trust me...the kids have been reminding us DAILY that we are past due on getting over there.  It doesn't help that we drive right by it at least once a day.  We talked them out of picking apples from dripping wet trees, but we still had a fun day.  Some picture highlights below!


Jillian ready to leave.  I was excited to use her old BabyLegs as leg warmers / boot socks this year.  Why not?

This frog umbrella is her new prized possession.  I mean, why wouldn't it be...right?

Myles climbing in the obstacle course.

Jumping on the giant blow up pillow thing.  So fun!  Add sprinkles of water to increase the danger factor...and fun!  Slippery!

Giant slide rides.  How fun does this look?  Too bad the kids are big enough to do it themselves.  I kinda think it would be totally awesome to go with them!

Apple train!

Yes, Myles looks like he is from England with that hat.  

The Zip line.  They both loved it.  Jillian is a little daredevil.

Of course, we had many poses from Jillian.  This one was my favorite this weekend.

She spun around so she could ride backwards.

Both kiddos on the wagon ride.  We literally rode the wagon around - never getting off at any stops because we didn't want to pick apples.  Riding the wagon is a tradition...we had to do it!  


Drumroll please!  I'm happy to announce the winner of the awesome shopping pass to Norah's Nook to Tasha!  Tasha, please send me an email with your selection and address!

Thanks to all who entered!  A special thanks to Amy at Norah's Nook!


  1. Such a fun day~ My new hubby and I are working on creating "OUR" traditions now that our family is blended. I love, love, love traditions as well. Your kids are such cutie pies-lol!

    1. How fun to be creating together traditions and therefore - together memories! Awesome. Enjoy!

  2. I miss going to Gull Meadows!! Maybe we will start making the hour trek!

    1. You guys have a fun place over there, don't you? No matter how big or little the orchard, it is still fun for the kiddos. :)


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