Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Today I am feeling a bit...overwhelmed.

Balancing work, home, parties, social calendars, classes, things we actually want to do, things we have to do.  It's all there.  Sometimes it is just time to sit down and breathe in and out and gain perspective on priorities...on purpose...and on importance.  That is my mission for tonight.  Perspective...and getting Ben to bail me out.  That is what marriage is all about (or at least partially, right??)  He has already promised to help...and I plan to take him up on it.

In the meantime, listing all of my loves for the day will help.  Perspective, remember?  Again, I am reminded that this blog is therapeutic.  Writing helps me remember what is important, what matters, and how lucky I am for the blessings I have been given.

Love List...

  • This text when I was basically hyperventilating today... "Just take a deep breath and relax.  We're here to help each other.  I'm sorry about work and that is kinda out of my hands, but let's be a team about the stuff at home."  Thank goodness.
  • After struggles with Jillian not wanting to go to preschool lately, she wanted to stay longer when I went to pick her up.  Love it.  
  • Myles came home with pottery that he made at school.  The first of many, I'm sure.  Get the display case ready!
  • Lots of awesome events, parties, celebrations, and fun planned in the upcoming month.  Opportunities for new memories, traditions, and just plain old fun.
  • Myles referred to Jillian as, "You sweetie pie girl" today.  I love that they love each other (most of the time).
  • When I got home today, I ran upstairs and changed out of my work dress and into pajamas.  Myles and Jillian followed suit within five minutes of seeing me in mine.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • We blew six internal fuses in our Christmas tree lights.  They are a pain in the butt to change.  When you look back at your tree to rejoice in its beauty, you don't want half of the tree to blink out...ever.  Tip:  You can not connect 1600 lights to each other...  You have to split up the stacks.
  • Last night there was someone brushing their teeth on TV.  Goose-bump.  Every time.  Not the good kind either.
  • That feeling that you are standing and people are pulling your arms and legs in every direction.  I can only stretch so far.  Unfortunately, that won't prevent me from taking on more.  Remember this post?  Saying no has never been my strong suit.


  1. You have a wonderful man! On days {weeks and months} like that, I'm always grateful for my husband who always tries to make things easier on me {us}!


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