Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Wow, it's been a week since I've been here, friends!  Busy month for all of us, I suppose.  We have exciting events approaching with Myles' sixth birthday party this weekend.  He is say the least.  We have been busy preparing for the holiday season and enjoying each and every holiday tradition, old and new.  Some things I've been loving lately...

Love List...
  • Elfie's spot today.  See him on the chalk ledge?
  • Today, Myles came home with homework.  We need to list out all of our December traditions so they can make books about their traditions.  Can you get a more perfect homework assignment?  I think not.  Love it.
  • Party prep is in full mode in our house for a Star Wars party this weekend.  I promised myself (well, really my husband) that I would not go overboard and pinterest-ize a party for tiny boys and girls who won't care how perfect the food looked or the theme matched.  My main  Here's hoping for success!  Here is a sneak peek at the light sabers the kids will be making / decorating.
  • Kate Middleton...pregnant.  Awesome.  She is  So timeless.  Just the way a duchess should be, right?  (Although, I do think her sister, Pippa, totally upstaged her at her wedding.  Do you remember her dress?!?  I know I do.)
  • Jillian busy popping bubble wrap from a delivery from today.  The simple joys in life.  I hope she leaves a few for me.
  • Christmas presents arriving daily at my doorstep.  I went a little Etsy crazy this usual.
  • Myles and Jillian have advent calendars that my mom gave them.  Each day they are so excited to open the new door and see what shape the chocolate will be.  Today Myles told me his guess for the very last door..."I bet it will be Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...since that is the whole reason for Christmas anyway!"
  • An amazing new tradition with friends (as long as they will have us again next year!) decorating gingerbread houses together.  Mix great friends, two gingerbread masterpiece houses, and more candy than you can imagine together...and you get an amazing great time!  More on this later this week!
  • My kids are in awe of their Daddy right now...downstairs checking out the original Mario Brothers that he just pulled out of an old box.  Not sure who is having more fun, Ben or the kids, who are seeing it for the first time ever. I love the happy sounds coming from below.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • I've known for a while that the sulfites in wine make me super stuffy.  So, at a wedding this weekend (which was wonderful, by the way) I opt for champagne's annoying little sister, sparkling grape juice.  Turns out she has just as many sulfites as the real thing.  Total crap to have an allergic reaction and not even have the real deal!
  • The creepy young men that followed my friend and I store to store as we adopt-a-family shopped.  We ended up wasting an hour of precious time trying to lose them while shopping for fourteen people (as we try to slam as much of it into one day as possible).  Ridiculous!  Who knows what they were after, but we were able to duck and weave and finally lose them.  Who knew things like that really happened?!?


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