Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's Love List...Myles Jacob Edition

This week, in honor of this little boy of mine who turned six today...I have a special edition of Tuesday's Love List (minus a better off without list - because my day is always better with Myles!!)

 Love List...

  • Myles is happy and easy-going, no matter what the situation.  He always has a smile and a hug ready and waiting.
  • He forgives so easily and is the first to offer an apology whenever he does something wrong.  (He will also ask for an apology if he feels he deserves one. :)
  • He tries his very hardest at everything that he does.
  • He loves his sister and even though they sometimes bicker, he truly loves her with all his heart.  Today he was telling me his ranking order of the people he loves.  Luckily, his Dad, Mom, and sister were at the top of the list...with his teacher.  Adorable. (Don't worry other family members - you were on there too!)
  • Today, Ben and I met at Myles' school to sit with him while he ate lunch (that we brought in for him).  He was ecstatic. (See pictures above.)  He told me that it was one of the best presents he received for his birthday (aside from his new 3DS of course :).
  • Myles has a knack for spacial awareness.  We can be in the basement and he can tell me what is above us on the first floor, and the second.  He must get that from his Daddy - along with his dashing good looks.
  • Myles wants me to sing to him every night.  I can't miss a beat...because he will catch me.  So I'll climb up into his loft, pat his back, and sing to him.  Rockabye Baby (even though he is big), Zippity Do Da, and a silly song that I make up about the day's events (that one is always his favorite).  I hope it lasts forever...
  • Despite his long, skinny, and bony legs, Myles is a great cuddler.
  • Myles is such a caring little guy.  He cares about everyone else around him.  We often hear, "How was your day today, Daddy?"  "How are you doing today, Mommy?"
  • Tonight, Myles received bunches of Power Rangers stuff - something he asked for from his Nana, (and something I hardly even knew he cared about!  School playground influence for sure!)  He was in costume tonight...posing...or flexing I should say.  Love it.  

Honestly, I could go all day listing things that I love about the little guy sleeping upstairs after an exciting birthday.  I love every little thing about him and I cherish the extraordinary gift that I received six years ago.  I love you, Myles Jacob!!


  1. love this post--so much love in there. nice to have a good snuggler, too. Glad he had a happy birthday. (gonna have to remember that lunch idea--my boy would love that)
    ♡ Jill

    1. Thanks! Yes, highly recommend the lunch at school gig! I'm sure he will love it!!!


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