Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wassailing and Birthday Parties, Oh My!!

This past Thursday was Wassailing in Richland.  We had a blast.  Reindeer, hot cocoa, cookies, carolers, and running in to friends we know in the fun.  I love this little town we live in.  The sense of community is incredible.  I also love running into people we know.  It confirms that small town feel for me every time.  It gives us a sense of belonging.  The Guiness Girls were across the street from the park...amazingly none of the husbands ventured over there.  It's okay guys...they were probably ugly.  Okay, probably not.  Dinner at our favorite pub afterwards...even better.  Here are a few pictures...
Myles admiring the reindeer.  They didn't fly on Thursday...just an FYI.
Jillian, being Jillian.  You can't see it...but I have mastered french braiding.  This night it started on the left side of her head and went all the way around to the right and ended in a side pony.  I'm quite proud.
Cookies and mittens...they go together perfectly.
Myles and Jillian.  Best friends.  You can see it, can't you?

This weekend was a birthday extravaganza for Myles.  His special day isn't until we are sure to continue the festivities for the next two days.  You only turn six once, right?  Saturday night we let him choose where we went to dinner.  Red Robin was his choice, but a long wait had him calling it, "Not a very good choice, huh?!?"  We ended up down the street.  In the process, he saw Hooters for the first time.  Immediately he wanted to go to the "owl restaurant".  Awesome.  Starting them young, I guess.  He didn't get his way.

  I can't remember what Jillian was telling me here, but it was quite comical if you ask her.
  Here is a tiny peek at a braid.  Awesome - I know.  :) had bunches of tiny friends over to par-tay.  It was a blast.
Jillian dressed as Princess Leia by her own definition.
Waiting for the guests...they were so excited.
 All smiles.
This party was far from Pinterest-worthy...but it proved my husband's theory - the kids don't care.  They care about sweets, treats, goodie bags, and fun.  I did pre-scoop my ice cream, more for me than anyone else.  I didn't have to do it at the last minute - super helpful.
Cupcakes and cookies, rather than an elaborate cake.  They loved them.  I do have to say though - my frosting is quite tasty.  Know what the secret ingredient is?  REAL vanilla, not extract...the real deal...straight from Haiti, thanks to a dear friend.  

We decorated light sabers, played pin the light saber on Luke Skywalker, snacked on kiddie food, and opened presents.  The rest of the time was play time.  It appeared that everyone had fun.  It was super simple and I can admit that Ben was right.  (Ouch that hurt.)  Pinterest-worthy parties no more for this girl.

After all of our friends were gone, Myles opened a present from us.  A very exciting night for our little guy.
All three of them, actually.
 AND - Jillian received a hand-me-down toy that she was quite excited about.  Myles was such a sweet brother to give it to her.

It was a weekend for the history books over here.  Hope yours was a blast too!!


  1. So glad that Jillian's flowergirl dress came in handy for her today! It looks like everyone had an awesome time, can't wait to celebrate with him on Tuesday!!

    1. It is no longer a flower girl is a Princess Leia dress, okay?!? I'm sure she will set you straight. :)

    2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend full of lots of new memories!!!!!!!!!


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