Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
  • The perfectly white blanket covering my entire yard and every tree and branch in sight.  On such a beautiful and sunny day, the snow sparkles like glitter!
  • The Wigi dance.  (As in, wedgie, made special and unique by my very own Jillian Kate.)  Only a video can explain this dancing phenomena.  (Click on the video play button below to watch.  Camera credit to my Mom.  Wedgie credit to my Dad.)  Nobody taught her this.  Actually, who would?!?
  • Snowy roads and an early morning tomorrow is going to turn into a slumber party with my sister tonight. Bonus!
  • Wonderful friends and readers and their encouraging words.
  • Myles is hoping for a snow day tomorrow...  He loves school so much, but the novelty of the snow day today has not worn off.  I'm assuming it never will.  :)
  • Tonight at bedtime, Jillian posed my hug to her (similar to a formal ballroom dancing pose).  She informed me this is how people get married.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • I would like to vasect (urban dictionary definition: create an abrupt stop to the fun) the discussions about surgeries concerning a similar word in the office.  Uhhhh...awkward.  I'm not sure how the conversation can turn back to that six times in eighteen minutes.  I was close to starting a tally sheet.
  • Infomercials.  I swear, they target kids.  My mother-in-law (with such a sweet heart) fell for the whole Stuffies craze during the holidays.  She couldn't hold strong against the cheers during an overnight at her house while we were at a wedding.  Really, what Nana could?  I call them the stuffed animal for children with early hoarding tendencies.  My kids have even gone so far as to informed me that this particular contraption will help us out a lot. Seriously?  Targeting kids, I tell you.
  • Paging through Facebook, mistakenly touching "Like" on a status you would never have "Liked" intentionally.  Oh unlike or leave it alone....


  1. Hahaha Love the MagicTap link!! So funny!!

  2. They bring up vasectomy's.....start talking about breast feeding or your period. They'll probably stop. :)

  3. I totally agree with bring up menstrual cycels if Vasectomys come up again. EWW!!


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