Sunday, January 27, 2013

Down the Snowy Hills.

Today was a perfect day to sled.  Absolutely perfect.  So, we put on a dozen or so articles of clothing and headed out to the hills (or mountains - depending on your vantage point).  We had a blast.  Here are a few pictures of the fun.

Myles posing with "Speedy, Speed Racer" his sled.
Jillian decided not to use this baby sled much.
She preferred this ride, which she named "Dusty".
 Myles, always wanting an extra push.

 Jillian wanted to pull Dusty back up the hill each time she went down.  She can do it herself, you know.
 I don't think Ben was real thrilled about the idea to go sledding today, but he clearly had a blast once we were there.
 Heading up the hill for another turn down.
 Jillian was squealing the whole way down.  She preferred the bunny hill that she was brave enough to ride down on her own.
A terrible up-the-nose self-taken photo...but it proves that I was there.

Then, it was back home for warm cocoa.

Love family times.  

Hope your weekend was amazing.

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  1. Totally jealous~ Our snow was taken over by ice. No sledding for us, but lots of "together" time inside this weekend.


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