Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Snow ice cream.  Probably shouldn't advocate for eating snow...but the kids were gobbling the white stuff by the fistful while we were playing outside, so I grabbed a bowl full of fresh powder and got to work.  It was quick to make and tasted awesome!  Here is the recipe.  You know me, I didn't follow it exactly, but close enough!
  • Myles and his overwhelming excitement about earning lunch with the principal for his reading efforts.
  • A weekend movie with the kiddos.  They were ecstatic and movie popcorn and candy makes a great day even better.  We actually made it through the entire movie without someone (Myles) getting scared!  When the credits started to roll Jillian said, "Mom, Myles didn't even cry this time!"
  • Yesterday while I was making dinner, Jillian ran and got a piece of yellow paper and started working on a masterpiece for a "very very very special person".  I was so honored to be the recipient a half hour later.  Love her.
  • Our last minute Superbowl party with family.  Throw together a taco bar and you officially have a party!
  • A lunch date with my husband today.  How awesome.  He came up to my work for a quick lunch together.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • A week between blog posts.  I've missed you, friends!
  • The safety at the end of the Superbowl that was a pointless play, but cost me the big win in the office pool.
  • Chips and salsa overdose on Monday night during the Bachelor.  You know it's bad when you go to put your slippers back on to go up to bed...and crunch a chip that was hiding inside.

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