Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Jillian told me I was a genius tonight. I knew that a piece of her candy bracelet was candy.  That made me a genius...
  • The excitement as we prepare to leave for Spring Break.  The kids are over the moon!  So are we!!
  • Myles had homework to decorate a cardboard egg.  It is due Thursday and I was trying to figure out when we would have time to sit down and make it totally awesome (sometime between packing, car repairs, taxes, you know...the normal stuff).  Anyway, Ben emailed me today and said, "Myles turned in his egg today.  He colored it.  Striped.  It is how he wanted it."  I was shocked.  At first I felt a panic that his "special egg" was simply a striped crayon design, instead of the fabric, noodle, and hot glue creation that we likely would have made together tonight.  But you know what?  It's fine.  It's how he wanted it and I'm cool with that.  Cross another thing off the list.
  • Interviewing.  Sure, it takes time out of my day, but whether it is a good interview or a terrible interview...I just think it is fun to try and analyze the candidates and decide if they are right for the job.
  • Yesterday we went to a restaurant that is supposedly haunted.  Of course, we didn't say a thing to the kids about it.  Why the heck would we?  Anyway, Jillian turned her placemat over and drew...a ghost in a bathtub.  Really?!?  I don't think she has EVER drawn a ghost...except maybe on Halloween.  Anyway, you should have seen Ben's face.
  • My SITS Day!  It was awesome and I made so many new friends!
  • Today we got Myles's report card.  As I opened it, he was standing next to me with his hands folded tightly.  The suspense was just too much for him.  He was begging to know if he is doing good in school.  It was adorable.  He is doing great.  I just loved how he was so concerned and overcome with suspense.
  • Yesterday, Jillian asked me if God put a new baby seed in my belly.  She added that she would hope it would be a girl seed, because she likes fancy shoes much more than cool shoes.  Sure, that is a good
  • Dresses.  I'm only taking one pair of shorts on vacation.  One.  
  • Somehow I squeaked this post in least it is still Tuesday!

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Packing.  Couldn't all of the clothes just jump into my suitcase?  The best ones.  The ones I'll want when I get there.
  • Taxes.  Tax season.  Anything with the letters t-a-x in it.  Yippee.
  • Clothes that somehow shrunk hanging in the closet since last summer...  It appears all four of our closets have some sort of issue with this...


  1. Where are you guys going? And.....I'm only taking one pair of shorts on vacation too!! I think I might never buy another pair. I can't stand them. Skirts and dresses are way more comfortable anyway! Have fun! Could I use any more exclamation points!?

    1. Daytona. We are going to head up to Disney for two days also. Can't wait!! Although, Disney will likely be totally nuts next week. YaY for skirts and dresses!! I'm totally with you on that one!! I'm matching your exclamation points!! I think the closer you are to vacation, the more you use.

  2. Congrats on your recent SITS feature! Thank you so much for visiting last week and making my SITS Day extra special! Thank you so much for your support :)

    Hoppy Easter!


    P.S. I'd love it if you would follow me on Facbook!


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