Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Magical Days

Okay, okay...  Sorry I missed my Tuesday Lists...but I am on Spring Break...and yesterday...I was at Disney of my most favorite places.  It is just so magical.  Ben says I drank the "Disney koolaid" a long time ago...but get him into the park witnessing the excitement and wonder in the kids' eyes and he goes giddy too.  Honestly, I may be a little more extreme that he is...considering the fact that as we paid for our parking I said to Ben, "He is going to give you your change and say 'Have a magical day!'"  He did.  I teared up.  Totally dorky, I know.  In the same way, every time I start down Main Street for the first time of a visit, it takes my breath away.

Before we left, everyone and their brother told me what a terrible idea Spring Break + Disney World was.  I'm not exactly sure how, but we managed to do everything that we wanted to without waiting in a bunch of lines.  We have been to the park before and we knew what we wanted to I guess that helped.  I loved that the kids remembered that the first ride we went on two years ago was It's A Small World, so they wanted to do that first again.  I think that makes it a tradition?

I love the excitement.
I love seeing Jillian meet her favorite princesses.  She wants to be a mermaid when she grows up...
I love the wonder.
I love the smiles.
I love the way my son loved it...even the princess things.
I love that everyone is happy.
I love that in some way, each time we go, something magical happens.
Yesterday, this moment, caught on video was pretty darn special.  I wish I would have gotten the kiss on the cheek after the know the photo people of Disney caught it...I'll probably have to buy it.

This is Ben on the big Screen at The Laugh Floor.  The caption says, "Will treat everyone to churros."

We are going back tomorrow.  Hollywood Studios.
Can't wait.

Oh - and I have tons of pictures from this awesome vacation...I'm sure I'll show you soon!


  1. Oh Disney World is the best! We had so much fun when we went. Glad you are enjoying the break!

  2. So much fun! I love your excitement. I think that tends to rub off on kids and they enjoy the experience more because of it. :)

  3. I LOVE each picture!!! So happy you had such a fabulous vacation!! Love, Mom


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