Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Unlimited time with my family on vacation.  Best.
  • The kids were amazing on the drive.  You might not believe me, but they never asked if we were there yet.  In fact, they never even asked to stop for the bathroom!!
  • Myles conquered his fears going down this water slide.  Honestly, we didn't even think he would make it up the stairs.  He came down without any tears!

  • We managed to visit 13 family members while on vacation!  From North Carolina to Cocoa Beach, to was amazing.

  •  Putt putt golf...three times!  One of which we were lucky enough to buy 1/4 of a hot dog for $5 to feed to alligators!

  • Beach time.  Love it.  You can drive on Daytona Beach...with cars.  Kind of weird, but whatever.  Still an awesome day at the beach!
  • I hardly had to cook all week...and when I was breakfast.  Awesome.


  •  Disney.  I know I had a whole post about it last week...but I still had to have it on this list.  Here are some pictures from Hollywood Studios.

Myles made his own Droids (robots like R2D2).  He named one Myles and the other M6D13 (Myles was 6 at Disney in 2013 when he made it).
Myles and Jillian were the first mates on Ariel's Under the Sea Voyage.  They were announcing the show in this photo.
 Jedi school was rained out, but he still got to meet the real Darth Vader!

At the end of the night he made his own light saber (as if he doesn't have enough of them).

  •  All of the I'm Better Off Withouts could never stack up to my Love List.

I'm Better Of Without Lists...
  • My brilliant Pinterest shower caddies attached to the windows of the car to hold the kiddies' things during the drive.  Actually, these should be on my love list...but the crayons that melted down my entire car door - those should be on THIS list.
  • A sharp curve, sudden stop, and car seat that came unlatched...launching my tiny girl towards the front seat and projecting a cup of orange juice...all over the library books.
  • Rain at Disney...although it cleared the park right out and made for one of our best Disney days ever.  Jillian was in a good mood - but somehow I captured her mad look.  I love it.
  • A speeding ticket in Georgia.
  • Working with lots of photos in Blogger tonight...Grrrrr.

I promise to get back to normal non-vacation mode this week.  Hoping I can tough it out and dry my hair tomorrow for the first time in two weeks.  My curly-hair, no blow dryer vacation started well  before our trip and has lasted at least through today...

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