Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Year in Review...For Jillian Kate and {{Giveaway!!}}

Have you noticed that my kids somehow seem to get a birthday week, rather than just a birthday?  Why the heck not.  Not only are we celebrating four wonderful years with my favorite little girl of all time, but we are celebrating the fact that I lived through the delivery of this 9lb 15.5oz baby girl without an epidural.  Let's just call her 10 pounds.  She really was.  That half-ounce that she was shy?  Yeah, well,  she poo'd in utero, so I think we'll give it to her.

Today I spent such an amazing day with my new four-year-old.  After dropping her big brother off at school, we headed straight to Target to buy a toy.  We had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.  Some to spend and some to save.  Anyway, a trip to Target with new shoes and toys in our cart...heavenly.  Add in popcorn to the mix...divine.   After much internal debate, I decided to let her have her nails done.  Pink glitter sparkle and big smiles all around.  A stop at her favorite lunch spot...Fazoli's, and you have a perfect day.  The little birthday girl is napping off her excitement as I type.

My favorite conversation of the day with her occurred in the car...

"Mommy, I'm a little sad not to be three anymore.  I liked being three.  I still want you to rock me, even when I'm four.  Will you rock my when I five and six?"
"If you want me to, Jillian, I'll rock you when you are five and six."  I reassured her.  I was hoping not to have tears over growing another year older.  That is definitely not necessary until you are at least my age.
"Well, I bet my feet will be hanging off the rocking chair, but I want you to rock me even when I'm 100 years old."

All week I have been dropping hints that I was going to show this awesome video from Jillian's past year.  I love it.  She receives one each year on her birthday from her Aunt Brooke and it is always my most favorite gift.  Let's be honest, it is not just a gift for's a gift for me.  It always helps ease that panic feeling I get when I think about the fact that I need to add another year in her photo book and I am already behind.  "At least she has her video..."

Without further adieu...  (YaY!  I said adieu in a post - how fun!!)

Awesome, right?  I am so lucky to receive one for each of my kiddies every birthday.  Honestly, we watch the videos at various times throughout the year and as we approach one of their birthdays, we will sit down with popcorn and M&Ms and pour through all of the videos from birth to current.  Always brings tears to my eyes...happy tears.

I was so thrilled when I found out that Brooke had started her own Etsy shop, Memories on Movies, to help preserve memories for other families.  I was even more excited when she told me last night that she wanted to make a video for one of my lucky readers for free!!

The lucky winner will receive a video with...
~100 pictures
~2 video clips (optional with no maximum length)
~3 songs of your choice
~Basic editing and cropping
~Transitions between photos
~Opening Title and Ending Credits
~DVD Title Screen with music (many options available)
~1 DVD with custom printed label
~1 DVD case with custom printed DVD case
~The option to upgrade to add more photos, videos, etc. for a nominal fee.

To enter...use Rafflecopter below.  Be sure to maximize your entries and earn all of the points you can!!  Good luck!!

You can visit Brooke's shop by clicking on the Memories on Movies button in the side bar or by clicking here.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Jillian!
    I would commemorate my son's 1st birthday!

  2. I would commemorate my mom's birthday!

  3. So awesome! I'm excited to finally see the video...when I first read about it I'd hoped you would share it. Your daughter is so beautiful which makes me want a girl that much more!!!

  4. What a great video to have for both of your kids each year! I would commemorate my daughter's first year for sure!

  5. Birthdays should be celebrated for more then one day :)

  6. Those pictures are priceless! What an awesome gift!


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