Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Watching our AAA Reds play their first t-ball game of the year.  Jillian had a certain skipping prance to the bases that I have never seen before.  That girl has a way to make things her own.  I was just happy she was "running" the bases on her own.  Her first at bat...I had to run them with her.  Anything for my girl...but it was a bit embarrassing.  I'm much more comfortable getting the players ready in the dugout than prancing from base to base out on the field.  Myles was so  proud to have fielded three balls during the game.  It is so fun to see improvement year to year.
  • Retail therapy tonight after the kiddies went to bed.  Somehow a trip to Target can always make things better.
  • Sunshine.  I love warm days.  The hotter the better.  Tonight as soon as I got home from work the kids and I went outside.  We came in long enough to eat dinner and went right back cream cones in hand.
  • This weekend, Ben started construction on our new deck.  Every night there is huge progress and we are fast approaching relaxing evenings on the deck, dinner with friends outside, and comfortably watching the kids play.   Can't wait!
  • Myles is thriving in school and loves every minute of every day.  I can see his little mind working, processing, learning, and absorbing everything that he experiences.  It is awesome to me and I love to look at the world through his eyes...and hear adventures from a book from his reading words.
  • Peppermint tea.  I've been chugging it lately.  My voice still sounds like a man (I'm sick), but it still seems to help.
  • A magic eraser will remove spray paint from recently shellacked nails.  Proven this weekend by yours truly.
  • Last night I came home from work with a dinner plan in mind.  Burgers, hot dogs, corn, and fruit.  Nothing real special...but we had three last minute "guests" that made the meal very special.  It was an awesome, impromptu dinner with family.
  • Our pediatrician.  She is amazing.  I called with a crying little girl at 6:02 p.m. assuming they wouldn't even answer the phone.  We were three minutes away.  By 6:06 we were in an exam room.  Remarkable. 

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Three ear infections in our house.  Jillian Kate, Wilson, and I.  Not exactly ideal.  Oh - and running with an ear infection?  Impossible.

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