Monday, May 20, 2013

Thoughts From My Six Year Old...

You may remember this post if you've been around my little internet corner for a while.  Well, I'm a little late, but I have finally completed this year's interview with my Myles Jacob.

What do you love about school?
Recess!!  My teacher.  She is so nice.

What do you like the least about school?
Nothing.  I like everything.

What is the hardest thing you do at school?
Calling up people when I am the teacher's helper because they are always quiet.  I just can't pick because everyone is quiet.  {The quietest gets picked.}
What are you looking forward to in first grade?
Ohhhh.  That's tricky.  Getting to pick even harder books from library.  I got a good chapter book from library today!

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?
Fourth of July, because of the fireworks.
Who is in charge of our house?
Mom and Dad.
What is mom’s job?
To take care of me.  Oh, do you mean your work job?  You put together parts of stuff, right? {Not even close, buddy.  I decided not to approach the definition of market development to my kindergartner, for the sake of the interview.}
What do you wish Mommy would do differently?
Nothing, I like everything that Mama does.  {I see he has now learned to suck up somewhere between ages five and six.}

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a police officer....and a doctor...and in the army...and uhhh...a taxi driver...that's it.  Oh, I also want to work at my Daddy's office.
Where will you go to college?
Western.  Cause it is close to home so I can come home and visit.
Why are you going to go to college?
To learn what I want to be.
Describe the girl you think you will marry.
Uhhhh.....  Blonde hair...a dress with flowers...a girl that has a good voice for singing.
Where are you going to live when you are older?
I want to live where we live still, because I want to live with my parents.

How many kids will you have?
Five.  Three boys and two girls.

What will you name them?
Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mia, and Antonio {All Power Rangers.}

What kind of car will you drive when you are older?
A Toyota Camry.  {I'll take this desire to drive a similar car as a form of flattery.  Ben questioned if he might want a Jeep or a truck.  Nope.  He wanted to be like his Mom.}
What do you think you will do for homework in high school?
I don't know.  Studying.  

What are your talents?
Playing tag, hide-and-seek, reading, math, and baseball.

What is an interview?
I'm doing an interview right now, right?  It's something where a parent asks you a question and you answer.

What famous person would you like to meet?
Miguel Cabrera.  He plays baseball for the Tigers.

What is a blog?
A blog is something that you post on for people to see.  Am I right Mama?  Did you put "Am I right Mama??!"
What age are people considered mature?
32.  Because it's a good age to be grown up. {And, his parents age.  We must have been immature in his early years...}
What is your favorite thing about your sister?
That she is playful.  
What do you like to play with her?
Tag and hide-and-go-seek.

What is your favorite color?
Blue and Red.

What is your favorite song?
Power Rangers Song.  I'm in love with it.

Who is the smartest person you know?
Mama.  Because she is a grown up.  {He wanted to go back later and add...} Miss Stiemsma.  She is REAL smart. {His teacher, of course.}

What is your favorite memory?
Going to Disney World two times! {Some of his Mommy's favorite memories too.  Such a magical place.}

What is your worst memory?
The last time I scraped my knees on the pavement. {Unfortunately, it was not long ago.}
What is your favorite thing to do?
Jillian: Is it to be with your Sissy??  Myles: Playing outside with Jillian.

What do you like to do with your friends?
We like to play Power Rangers, Hide and Seek, and Tag.  Also, chase girls on the playground.  Jillian:  Oh Yay!  I'm a girl!!

What is your favorite food?
Tacos and hamburgers.

What food do you not like very much?
PICKLES!  Mustard, too.  Yuck.

What question do you want me to ask you?
Ask me my favorite Power Ranger!
Okay, what is your favorite Power Ranger?
What do you think?  The leader.  Red Ranger.  Jayden.

Anything else you want to say to anyone that reads my blog?
Hi.  I'll say hi.  Thanks for reading my blog interview.

Jillian:  Myles will you marry me?
Myles: I am not going to marry you.  Brothers and sisters can not get married.
Jillian:  But I am a good singer. {She begins to do singing scales reminiscent to Ariel in The Little Mermaid.}
Myles: Oh, Jillian.  Just stop.


  1. Such a sweet boy! So proud to be his Nana. XXX000

  2. This is great. The way kids think sometimes is just so amusing...and sometimes surprising! Did any of his answers surprise you?

    1. Honestly Heather....not really. This boy is quite predictable. :) I'm still glad I have it in writing. I would never remember these answers 15 years from now.


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