Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth in Photos

We had an amazing day yesterday...celebrating our great Nation's Independence Day.  It was...simply put...perfect.  We began our day at the Richland Parade.  I've told you before how much I love my town and all it takes is the Fourth of July parade to get me gushing again.  People line the streets of our downtown area in anticipation of the parade.  Friends and family get together to watch.  Last year, Jillian and I were in the parade, but this year...she decided it might be more fun to watch...and catch candy.
So, of course, our very favorite parade entrant included our very favorite guys...

 ...And the whole AAA Gull Road gang.
 After catching more candy than Jillian received on Halloween, and cheering on our friends in so many different floats, it was on to several beach parties for the day.  We had a blast.  I won't mention jumping in the water in a dress to help Jillian when a few too many waves were sweeping her into the dock...

The evening ended in the most perfect way.  On a boat, listening to live music from a party, while we waited to watch the fireworks from the water.  My wonderful mother-in-law brought salted caramels and snacks.  Perfection, I tell you.
The sunset was beautiful.
 Not sure how this could be the best picture of Ben and I...but it was. 
And a few blurry iPhone shots of the fun.
 Hope your Fourth was perfect, too.


  1. Such a wonderful day with our amazing family!!

  2. Great pictures and it sounds like it was great fun! Thanks for sharing!


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