Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life As We Know It Lately...

I'm having a hard time remembering when life was a busy as it is right now…  It seems as if we have slipped into a routine of working days, whirlwind evenings, and weekends that are missing the downtime that we are used to.  I thought a little tour around my house might give you an idea…

We have a kitchen under construction…again.  I guess the counters and backsplash just didn't do the trick.  Hopefully the painter will be able to put this project to rest before the end of the week.  For whatever reason, having painting paper on my counters, no doors on my cabinets, and my drawers on my counter makes me feel…just like that…like my drawers are on the counter…if you know what I mean.

We finally finished a month-long project of painting our entry and all hallway trim white with gray walls.  I love it.  It was worth it.  Well, now that it is done, it was worth it.  Good thing I'm not writing this on one of the many nights I was complaining about having to work on it.

Despite the construction zone, traditions must be kept in tact and Christmas arrived at our house in regular style the day after Thanksgiving.

Haven't seen much of my feet lately.  I'm happy to report though, that I am still able to wear heels just fine.  Something has to draw attention other than this giant belly!  Visions of middle names swirl in my head every evening.  The first name is a lock, but for whatever reason we are just having a hard time committing to that middle name.  I need to come up with something to use when she gets in trouble!
Despite how crazy-busy we have been, I have tried so hard to keep my focus on family.  Dinners together in a jumbled up kitchen, shopping for adopt-a-family together, reading new books, cuddling on the couch, and tiny little hands on my belly, waiting for a kick from their sister.

I can see my kids changing before my eyes.  Myles is turning seven next week and he is a kid.  Literally, a school-aged kid with his own opinion on everything, his own way to do things, and his own little life he is living.  Jillian seems to have changed so much in the last three weeks or so, I find Ben and I making eye contact in agreed disbelief as we listen to her thoughts on whatever subject is the current hot topic on her mind.  She is so independent, responsible, and frankly we can see the "kindergarten shift" happening before our eyes.  Our little girl is ready for new adventures and I can't believe we are so close to those changes.

And…then I think about starting all over again with this tiny (actually not so tiny according to her last ultrasound) little girl.  It is scary and comforting all at the same time.  Scary that we are entering the baby phase all over again, this time with two active and vibrant older siblings.  Comforting that we have another new life to care for and watch as she goes through the stages that her siblings have discovered before her.  We are not done with those sweet baby days.  We have one more set of them to enjoy.  Luckily, Myles and Jillian couldn't be more excited for the baby's arrival.

I guess this post turned into a jumble of thoughts (what's new I guess).  My point is, as the holiday season is upon us, we are all busy.  I certainly don't recommend more than one home improvement project during this time of year, but either way…we all have extra things on our to-do list as we prepare for the holidays.  My goal this season is to enjoy every minute of the craziness.  Soak in all of our special traditions that make this season special in the first place.  I want to remember the reason for the season and make sure that my kids have their focus in the right place as we approach Christmas.  We may be crazy-busy, but we are crazy-good and I'm so thankful.  (Just please don't remind me that I need to bring all the baby clothes up from the basement to get ready…that can wait until after Christmas, right? :)


  1. So excited to hear what the first name is! It's always so cool to me too how the kiddos just become whatever first name they have--like you couldn't have imagined them any other way.

    1. I SO agree about kiddos living into their names. It amazes me! I would love to tell you her name…….but my lips are sealed until she makes an appearance. :)

  2. Sascha is always a great name......just saying. Lol! Congrats!

  3. Hi Nicole! Just stopping by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear the awesome name combo you come up with !

  4. Thank you so much Ida! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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