Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List…

  • That I have lists this Tuesday!!  Monumental as lately!
  • Myles and his snowman last weekend.  Not sure if that is some sort of dental headpiece…or what.  He was quite proud of the creation though.
  • Myles and Jillian have been playing together non-stop.  They seem to have grown even closer over Christmas break.  Today it was basketball in the basement.  Yesterday it was "college" in the den.  There is always someone to play with when you have a sibling.
  • Tonight during the basketball lessons, I could hear Myles telling Jillian, "Don't worry, practice makes perfect.  Keep trying, you'll get better."  Adorable.
  • We bought a new baby mobile last weekend.  Each night since, Jillian wants to listen to it when it is time to go to bed.  I'm not sure there has ever been a little girl more excited for her baby sister's arrival.  Ever.
  • Sleeping on the couch.  Not sure why, but there is no more comfortable place in my world lately.  Want to know what is even better?  My wonderful husband will sleep on the couch with me, because he knows I won't ditch him overnight to sleep on the couch.  So, on some weekend nights, the kids camp in the den in sleeping bags and Ben and I camp on the couch in the nearby family room.  Pure love.
  • New TV shows.  Aren't we all glad about that?
  • This weekend, Jillian and I have a fancy tea party playdate with a few of her friends and their moms.  We are BOTH super excited.  What fancy girl wouldn't be?
  • Myles and Ben (the coach) have their first official basketball game this weekend!  It will be so fun to watch all of those first and second graders dribbling around the court!
  • I have a vacation day tomorrow.  I set it a long time ago to get ready for the baby.  Since Jillian has pressured me so much to get ready the past few weeks, I'll still do a few things for the baby...but I think Jillian and I are in need of a girl's day!
  • Tomorrow is Jillian's first haircut ever.  She and I have both wavered over the decision to cut for quite some time now.  The day is finally here.  Hoping she can keep some of her curls.
  • Baby hats.  (Enough said.)
  • This year, my family adopted another family and instead of purchasing Christmas gifts for each other, we showered this family in need with gifts.  Jillian was able to pick out all of the gifts for the four year old girl.  When we delivered the gifts, Jillian and the girl became instant friends and played together for an hour or two while the adults chatted.  Almost a month later, Jillian is still talking about the little girl and how they are friends.  She was happier to give to that little girl than she was to receive this year.  Although, she was hoping to have some gifts under our tree that were similar to what she had picked out for her.  :)

I'm Better Off Without List…

  • People saying things to me like, "You are still pregnant?!?"  "Geez, when are you going to have that baby?!?"  Yup, still pregnant.  I'll have her when it's time. 
  • That feeling that I have to pee SO BAD and then I barely go.  (I know…TMI…Sorry.)
  • That nasty look of our back yard when the snow starts to melt.  It goes from looking like a beautiful winter wonderland to a melty, icy, dog poo garden.


  1. OK, love, love, love Myles and his comment telling Jillian not to worry, practice makes perfect. You're right buddy! Made my night. xo

  2. When is your due date? I love the family sweet! Looking forward to seeing how you get Jillian's hair we will face that one day ourselves. :O

  3. Wow your daughters hair! I can't believe you are going to go through with cutting it. Can't wait to see it. Also, that is so awesome that the kids are playing together. I remember spending hours playing with my brother. So many memories we can look back on now!

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