Thursday, January 8, 2015

Perspectives Of My 10-Month Old

I've had many conversations with people over the years about wishing we could know and understand what babies think about the world around them.  At 10-months old, Stella is full of life and love.  Our whole family can't get enough of her.  This list is a glimpse into what I think she would say to all of you if she were posting this post herself.

  • Hi!
  • Are you my BFF?  Have I never met you?  Doesn't matter.  I will greet you the same way with my squeaky little, "HI!!" that I greet any and everyone I see.  On the off chance that you don't hear me...I will continue to say hi, until you say hi right back.  I have high expectations in small talk.
  • There is nothing funnier than walking to Myles or Jillian.  They reach out their arms and step by step I get closer to tackling them.  As soon as I reach them they always fall back and hug me.  I love it.  
  • The coolest place in my house is this thing that my mom doesn't let me play with very much.  She calls it a lazy susan.  You know why I love it so much?  There are sprinkles in there!  All different colors!  When you shake them, they rattle.  When you shake them REALLY hard, sometimes you can even get the top off!  It rains sprinkles!!
  • When I put my head on the floor and my bootie in the air, my momma will give me a push and I can flip!  I LOVE it!!
  • There is this doll.  I love her.  I can't get enough of her.  One day my sis gave her to me and I haven't let her far out of my sight since.  When I get out of my crib, I try to give her to my mom before I get out, just to make sure she comes with me.  Santa gave me this really pretty doll with my name embroidered on her.  She even looks like me.  But, I like this other one better.  My mom calls her Dora.  Not sure who that is, but she is so cool.  I'm not sure my mom likes her as much as I do.  Something about TV characters?  She always tries to give me that doll from Santa, but I only have eyes for my special baby.
  • I never liked the food my mom put in this loud machine to make for me, but I like little cut up food.  You know, real food, like Myles and Jillian eat.  As long as it isn't dairy.  My mom freaks out about anything having dairy.  What is allergic?  I don't know, but it definitely gets my mom going!
  • My mom has put up these gate things.  I hate them.  They keep me from where I want to go and sometimes even who I want to see!
  • I love giving kisses and hugs.  People always smile and seem really happy when I do!  I open my mouth as wide as I can.  If I want to make them squeal, I'll just spit my tongue out too!
  • Do you like to climb?  Climbing is fun.  My mom tends to squeak when I climb.  Maybe I should do it more.
  • I like doggies.  Now that I know how to pet them, they like me too!  Pulling their ears and tail doesn't work. 
  • My brother and sister are HILARIOUS.  Everything they do is funny.  They make faces and noises that no one else makes!
  • Are there any babies around here?  I love to play with babies. 

I hope I get to play peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake with you soon.  Don't worry, I'll do all of the peeking if you boo and the patting if you sing!  It's pretty fun, you know!  Bye Bye!


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