Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Year of Sustainment

I'm not exactly sure how many, "New Year: New You" posts, articles, and status updates I have seen in this first week of the new year, but there have been quite a few.  Certainly the beginning of the year brings a fresh beginning, new journeys to travel, and sometimes even resolutions to fulfill.  This year for me, I have decided (at least what is within my control), is not necessarily a year of change for me, it is a year of sustainment.  I plan to settle in and enjoy all of the changes that have already taken place for me.  I love that the new year brings reflection on the year in review and looking forward to what is to become in 2015.

Last year was a year of change for me.  Big changes.  For our whole family.  The kind of change that takes a few weeks to come out of the haze and whirlwind around you to realize what is going on in the rest of the world.  Of course, in February, we welcomed our sweet Stella Rose into the world.  Immediately, she fit right into the puzzle like the missing piece that was needed to complete the picture on the puzzle box of our little family.  The "newborn haze" was amazingly very short this go-round.  Certainly not because I have the hang of this baby thing down, because frankly, we never really have the hang of that.  Each baby is so different, challenging, and special in their own way.  Rather, Stella just decided to make the transition super easy on us.  She must just love being in our little family so much, she wanted to fit right in.  :)  As usual, maternity leave whizzed by and before I knew it, it was time to return to work.  It is so interesting to think back at that corporate-minded woman and mother that I was just a few short months ago.  I have changed.  A lot.  I have grown.

In August, I made a huge leap and left my reliable and comfortable corporate role and went out on my own, consulting.  Full Bloom Market Development was born and my career as a consultant began.  Starting your own business changes everything around you and your daily life.  Not to mention, it changes you.  Being on your own without the umbrella and shelter of an employer brings a vulnerability that I have never experienced before.  Will anyone be interested in hiring me?  Will they like my work?  Can I hack it? Will I make enough to do what I need to do?  Am I prepared enough?  Am I good enough?  The only thing even remotely relatable in my life prior to taking my leap, was pressing publish on my very first post on this little blog.  And even was my husband that posted it to Facebook...without telling me first.  The most awesome thing comes out of that vulnerability.  Confidence.  Over those first few months, working with clients large and small, I began to see that I could answer the questions.  I could help make their businesses even more successful.  I could do this on my own.  I could even figure out how to handle my taxes.  I love that the vulnerability and confidence is a never ending cycle.  Everyday the vulnerability shows it's face in new challenges, new customers, and my own inner psyche.  Most days, the confidence can find some sort of rooting to pull me through it.

So, 2014 was amazing.  I loved it.  It was one of my favorite years.  I am so thankful.

2015...I want to continue to grow and embrace my vulnerability.  I want to show my children through example that you can control your own career if that is what you want to do.  I want to enjoy and love every minute of Myles, Jillian, and Stella that I can get.  I want to work in Jillian's classroom, playing sight word BINGO with her and all her little classmates.  I want to support Myles in all of his ambitious ideas and plans.  I want to treasure and savor all of Stella's last set.  Oh, and maybe show a little more patience...especially when we are in a hurry, leaving, or in the presence of bickering children.  Well, I'll try.  I can't promise that I will write here as often as I used to...time seems so short between three littles, their activities, and running a business...but I will try and post more often than I have been.  Thank you to the two readers that sent me messages requesting a post this week.  This one is for you!  Just a little inside scoop, I've been blogging all along, just under the pen name of different companies.


The photos...are completely unrelated to this post.  But, I love pictures...and these were a few of my favorites this holiday season.  Wishing you your best year yet. 

P.S.  I think this photo is my favorite of the season.  It captures one of my favorite moments.  A sleeping baby in my arms, sitting back watching my family have a blast playing Christmas Minute to Win It.  She slept through all of the fun.


  1. I look forward to your blog. Keep them coming! Love to all, Soni

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