Monday, January 30, 2012

It Takes A Village...To Raise A Child.

Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunt and Uncles, Cousins, and Friends.  My kids encounter relationships with people outside of our immediate family unit every day.  I truly feel that these relationships help shape both kids to who they are today and who they will become.
So Excited to See Barney!
We all have different perspectives on life from living through different joys, hardships, and experiences.  No one journey is the same.  Many family and friends have intertwined journeys, but yours is uniquely yours and mine is uniquely mine.   I am so happy that I am able to offer my children a variety of perspectives on the world through family and friends.
I can see lessons and little habits in my children from our loved ones everyday.   
Dancing at Barney Live!
Jillian’s love for Barney?  I can officially “blame” that on her Nana for showing her an old video from the 90’s.  I tease her about the introduction, but I’m so glad Jillian found love in that big awkward dinosaur.  Myles has a love for fishing and the “manly” conversations that go with it.  Papa can fully claim that one.
Myles has a new goal of being the best skateboarder in the world.  Despite living a dozen states away, his daredevil uncle took the time to give him a few lessons and he and my sister equipped him with all the gear this Christmas. 
Both kiddos have a love for Mexican food.  We are not a bilingual house, but both kids throw random Spanish words in to daily conversation.  Dora and Diego can’t take credit for that.  It’s their Nannie (Grandma) that has Jillian pronouncing quesadilla like a Mexican.
Myles loves Michigan State and can’t wait to attend himself.  Why does Myles want to go to college?  “To meet my wife, Mom.”  Myles has had the opportunity to spend time at MSU experiencing “college life”.  His aunt and soon to be uncle have provided him the dream of being a Spartan himself someday.  After college?  He plans to manage Michigan Tile & Carpet (while also being a firefighter).  He wants to be the big boss, like his Opa.
We love to have dance parties in our house.  The kids’ aunt always makes sure that the CD player in Myles’ room is stocked with custom CDs to keep them hopping and dancing.  From If Your Happy and You Know It to Black Eyed Peas, they love it all.
I could go on like this for days.  Don’t get me wrong, Ben and I still accept full responsibility for raising our children.  We can see the things that we have taught them ourselves in everything that they do.  Yet, I’m so glad to say that they have acquired many qualities from our family, friends, and others that love them.  I love the little people they are and look forward to seeing the big people they will become.


  1. I especially love this blog, Niki. I wonder why? Myles and Jillian are definitely loved by so many of us and we thank you and Benjamin for sharing them. Love you to the moon, Venus, the universe and back!!! ~Mom


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