Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self Diagnosis: Mild Baby Fever

Definition of Baby Fever:  That feeling in the bottom of your gut that you want a new baby in your family to cuddle.

It’s back again…but this time it appears to be a mild case, if that’s possible.  I’ve had baby fever twice before.  Both were acute cases and resulted in nine months of pregnancy before going into remission.  Symptoms of baby fever include staring at cute bellies, talking to new mommas, (especially ones that just had their third), daydreaming about how it would be with three (could I handle it??), and wanting to hold babies…any baby (don’t worry - I’m not one of those crazies that asks to hold an unknown babies in a restaurant or groceries stores.  I always wanted to make a ‘Don’t Touch’ sign for my babies.)

I’m currently using home remedies to ward off the symptoms of this “illness”.  This includes cuddling with friends’ babies (warning: sometimes this can cause side effects and increase baby fever temperature).  Also, during times both of my kids are screaming or fighting, I am sure to take notice.  Would I want a baby crying in this situation?  Probably not.  There is also the family outing…when we are able to go out without a diaper bag, stroller, and all baby accessories and it is just so easy.  Let’s not forget the other very important player in this decision…the second half to our parental team… 
It appears that baby fever is not always contagious.  Ben has been able to avoid feeling any symptoms…whatsoever.  He has told me that going from man-to-man defense to zone defense just is not in our family playbook.  Ben also reminds me every time Jillian has a meltdown that a third would be (sarcastically) just so much fun.  He has this friendly way of putting up three fingers when we are on our second trip to the bathroom while out to dinner.  Most times during his friendly reminders I agree – three would just be too much.  Typically, he is simply verbalizing the doubts I have in the back of my mind.  In fact, if he said today that we should have a third, my stomach would probably flip!  Baby fever just lingers and always keeps me wondering…what if…

I will continue coping with this mild condition with home remedies for now.  I’m so happy with the two that we have and I am so grateful for the happiness they bring to us every day.  If your pregnant or have a new baby, I may pat your belly or hold your little one just a bit too long.  Humor me.  I’m dealing with the symptoms of baby fever.


  1. you can come hold mine anytime you want :) especially at the end of the month!

  2. It can be difficult having more than two and having a large family is not for everyone. I can't imagine not having my three or the one on the way! I had never wanted my own children. I wanted my career and my life.
    Our oldest daughter was a comprise, between my husband and I. However, I was put on bedrest at 28 weeks and everyday was a challenge to make sure she stayed put. She was born 5.5 weeks early and I have not been able to let her go, yet!
    Fighting for her to stay put and for a healthy baby, put my comprise in a different light.
    I have not gone back to work. I will most likely never return to work. I will have as many children as we can have (responsibly, of course). My husband often jokes that he wants his "working" wife back, but I'm sure she is gone.
    Sometimes, it is very hard or frustrating having 3 little ones. It isn't for everyone and realizing that two is a perfect number is a wonderful thing. That is the best part, it is our number to decide. Having 2, 4, or 20 doesn't change how great our families are.
    Keep your baby fever contained or you may get a baseball team! J/K. I really enjoyed reading today's post!!

  3. A baseball team...that might be a way to sell it to him... :). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic. You definitely have a cool perspective on it! Good luck with #4!!


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