Monday, February 6, 2012

First Love Heart Flutters...

Best question of the day yesterday:  “Mom, When Is Cupid Coming?”
It has happened.  Already.  There is another woman (maybe I should say girl) in my tiny boy’s heart.  He’s five.  FIVE!  I thought I would at least have until second grade before dealing with this.  Yet, the pre-school class cutie has captured the puppy love of my son.
I’ve always known Myles was a romantic.  Any little boy that thinks you go to college to meet your wife probably has a disposition for love.  I just didn’t know we would be finding little loves quite so soon.
It all started with this sudden need to look cool.  I’m all for looking your best, no matter what your age.  Yet, suddenly my boy who never wants to do his hair, wants to?  Something is up.  “Mom, can you do my hair with dad’s gel today for school?  I want to look cool for Jane*.”  Well, there you have it.
Since then, we have had several conversations about Jane and how special she is.  “Can Jane come over for a playdate?”  Every night I sing to him (poor kid) before he goes to sleep.  Last night he said, “Mom, tomorrow night will you make up a song about me and Jane?”  She is a definite lock to be his Valentine this year.  He picked some fun Cars valentines with candy to pass out to all of his classmates next week.  After the big decision was made, he wanted one more special valentine.  “Mom, Jane likes My Little Pony.  Maybe I can get her a special Valentine that has My Little Pony on it.”  This is coming from a kid, MY kid, who has never even seen a My Little Pony.  Sweet boy, he already is recognizing her interests and wants to get her something she would like.
I supposed I can handle this puppy love, right?  I just don’t want my little boy’s heart-broken.  Sounds over-dramatic, I know.  Well… I have heard, “Mom, Jane was playing with two girls in class today and didn’t have much time to play with me.”  And then the real big one, “Mom, I told Jane I loved her.  She made a funny face after I said it.  I’m going to ask her why she made that funny face the next day I go to school.”  So…we have been having lots of conversations in our house about friends, family, love, and saying those three magic little words.  Certainly timely for Valentine’s Day. 
I know my little boy is a romantic at heart.  He is going to make some woman very happy someday.  He will be a great husband.  In the meantime, I hope I can edge Jane out and be the main woman in his life…at least for a few more years.
*Name has been changed to protect the tiny heartthrob.


  1. Too cute. Such a gentleman!!!! Love, PB & Shelly

  2. I enjoyed reading your piece. Your son sounds like charming little guy. You must be doing a great job with him to have nurtured such a wonderful heart.


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