Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just one of those days...

You know that day where you can’t do anything right?  That was today for me.  No major tragedies, but nothing would roll my way.
In theory, today would have been an excellent day.  It had all the right components… I had the day off work, no pre-school, and a haircut (or at least a bang trim – it still counts in my book).  Sounds like a dream, right?
We started the day off late.  I’m not a late person and I don’t like being late.  From ponytails to shoes and socks, we just couldn’t seem to get it together today on time.  Factor in that for some reason, our phone and internet were down (thank you Comcast.)  No real big deal though…  We finally got out the door and I got to visit with a good friend over bang-cutting fun.  I’ll try not to mention that my hair was dripping wet upon arrival.  No time to even dry it – so embarrassing!  Not quite as relaxing as a usual hair session with both kids in tow.  BUT – I look much better post appointment!  So, it’s time to pay…where is my debit card?  WHERE IS MY DEBIT CARD!!!!  You know that freak out feeling when you can’t find something like a debit card?  My mind immediately went to the seedy guy emptying my account, right at that very moment!  I try not to think of the worst, but hey, sometimes it’s hard not to. 
It was a long drive home.  After obsessing over where I could have left it, I finally decided it had to be at this cute consignment shop here in downtown Richland (I found a cute mirror for Jillian’s room in there yesterday!)  I run into the shop with the frazzled, I’ve lost my debit card look on my face, only to be met with a blank ‘stare from the “new girl” who started an hour ago.
Home to feed the kids, without the card.  Of course, children choose the times when mom’s are at their wits end to act up.  Really act up.  It’s their job, I know it, but it still didn’t stop me from yelling at them.  Of course, this is followed by terrible mom guilt for taking my debit card loss out on them.  Myles follows up with, “Sorry I was not being very good, Mom.”  Insert multiplication of mom guilt times ten.
The kids head upstairs to play by themselves while I make lunch.  Maybe I should say, burn lunch…and the plastic spatula I was making it with…  The kids emerge from upstairs to see what the stink was and to inquire about their lunch.  What did I see?  Jillian in a pink princess dress and Myles...well...Myles was in a pink Minnie Mouse dress.  He was fully equipped with mouse ears and a least ten bows and barrettes peppering his hair.  If you know me, you know I got a picture.  Ben is protecting his son (maybe rightfully so).  I'm not allowed to post it...sorry.
So happy for the laugh.  Kids can put everything into perspective sometimes.  Hours later, I have my debit card, phone and internet working, and all the little things that went wrong (many too stupid to even mention here) are fading in the rearview mirror.  So glad tomorrow is a new day.
P.S.  Baking banana bread covers burnt plastic smell pretty well.


  1. I think it is humorous that you had such a "rough" day. I have days like this and feel a wave of guilt occasionally, when I say I had a "rough" day. This is because to many they would love to have my "rough" day. It is usually one of my girls that makes me realize it will all be okay. Children are great at making us put things back in perspective. They are also great at knowing when we need that laugh. I admire Ben, for protecting Myles, but for the sake of the blog....

    1. We all have those day, don't we? :) So glad kiddos can pull us out of them - although sometime they are the reason for "those days". I'll keep working on Ben for the picture. He says that there are too many pics in the world that people have as blackmail on him. He doesn't want poor Myles starting off on the same foot! :)


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