Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

So we did What to Wear Wednesday once…  Hmmm…  No fashion advice today, but with spring on our doorstep this morning, we did run out and get Jillian a spring jacket.  Just one of those fun necessary things to do, right?  It’s not like we didn’t have time in between preschool, Wednesday Wigglers, playing at the park, and working on our two home projects going on right now (I can’t wait to show you!  Soon, soon, soon!).   There is always time for a quick shopping trip with my girl.
So, Jillian wanted a fashion show with her new coat on…so we took a few pictures.  What you can’t tell in these pictures…her jeggings are on backwards.  Pockets in the front, fly in the back.  Getting dressed in the morning is ALWAYS her job, “By Myself!”  We actually went all around town this morning and I didn’t even notice…until we got home.
Notice her hair is straight?  This is very exciting to her – we used a flat iron last night like Mommy does.
I’m still amazed at my negotiation skills in purchasing this gray coat with pink polka dots.  Not with the sales staff…with my daughter.  I’m so glad I could lean on the hot pink interior lining and pink polka dots.  If she had it her way, it would be all pink.  “I don’t really like gray, Mommy.”  Negotiation Skills, I tell ya!  Somehow, I got her to love it.
If you live in Michigan, hope you enjoyed our amazing summer day in the middle of March.  I could get used to this!

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