Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Week.

This week I...

Cuddled kids.
Hugged kids.
Read to kids.
Made dinner.
Packed backpacks.
Kissed kids.
Bathed kids.
Played with kids.
Woke up Jillian (Myles is always up early) to talk and have special time while I got ready.
Worked on handwriting (Myles's, not mine).
Fixed snacks.
Raved over artwork.
Ate dinner as a family (every night).
Watched TV with Ben.
Was told, "You look really tired."  (I've always said that is a nice way to say you look like crap.)
Ran on the treadmill.
Presented to corporate management.
Dropped off. 
Picked up.
Zoned out on the couch.
Accepted help from my husband.
Admired his mind-reading capabilities to help in the right ways.
Worked full time.

And...maximized every spare minute I had.  My first attempt to have it all...double time.  I never cried.

I made it to Friday.  Well, almost. did you.  Your list may be different.  But you, Momma, tried your best just like I did, to do the best you could do...for yourself.  
For your family.



  1. Sounds like my dream life...sigh.

  2. Great Post Nicole~ My list has some similarities, unfortunately when I'm this tired, I cry!

  3. The anonymous post is mine. Not sure what happened.


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