Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
  • My mother-in-law.  She is an amazing mother, friend, and all around wonderful person.  She is a gift to so many people.  Today, we celebrate her...uhhh...39th birthday.  :)  
  • I was nominated for the Parents Magazine 2013 Parents Blog Awards!  It wasn't even my husband that nominated me! was my college roommate...practically sister...but hey, a nomination is a nomination!!
  • The Bachelor and Cocoa Puffs.  It has been over a year since I have had a bowl of cereal (because of the sugar).  It was totally worth it...I had a second bowl.  Combine that with Bachelor drama and you have an awesome night.  What National Championship?  (It was playing in the other room.)
  • Jillian and I had special cuddle time while Ben and Myles went to the grocery store tonight.  So great.  I won't mention that she kept farting (or butt burping if you ask her) on me.
  • Myles informed Ben of his dream Sunday night at breakfast on Monday.  It was his self proclaimed "best dream ever".  He went on a date with the Yellow Power Ranger.  They went out to dinner.  Oh my...on so many levels.
  • A freshly cleaned house after the Christmas craziness.  Even better?  My carpets were cleaned while we were all gone today.  Bye bye red nail polish stain in my living room (that was spilled by me - not Jillian).  It's been real.
  • My sweet boy was so excited to go back to school this week.  He missed his teacher, his friends, and just getting to go to school.
  • During dinner tonight, Jillian informed us that she wants to be a doctor.  Myles, on the other hand, is still undecided about which Power Ranger he wants to be.
  • Two days in to full time.  My husband has been more than helpful.  So thankful.
I'm Better Off Without List...
  • You know those clean carpets?  Well, Wilson was in our bedroom working on that carpet with four puke and two poo stains.  Awesome.
  • I was informed, while wearing a new dress, that the print was snake skin.  Seriously, how did I not know that I was wearing snake skin?  I knew it was an animal print, but I didn't really think through what type of animal.  I hate snakes.  Hate them.  Can't decide if that means I can't wear the dress for the creep factor, or if I should continue to wear it as proof of domination of the slithery creepy creatures.  I'll probably opt for the is a cute dress.
  • Is it only Tuesday?


  1. During the holiday break, I had my first bowl of cereal in about two years. Before I knew it I had eaten the whole box. Yikes~ Now I've put myself in "cereal time-out"-lol!

    Congrats on your nomination~

    1. LOL!! Too funny! If you are a cereal lover - stay away from Krave. You eat TWO boxes! :)


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