Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

So... I've been slacking on writing...but really we've just been busy with tee-ball, trips to the beach, riding on the boat, eating ice cream, going to bed too late, playing outside, and you know...all of the things we are supposed to do.  It's summer after all!  BUT - it's Tuesday - so my list has been on my here it is!!
Proof of our fun.
Love List...

  • Myles and the pure joy he has in swimming out to and jumping on this trampoline in the water.  The first time he swam out there, I was waving at him.  He jumped a few times and climbed down and swam all the way back to shore to make sure we were watching him.  Cutie pie.
  • Last night we went to dinner and a movie with the kids.  (Yes, Monster's University.)  Jillian wanted to bring her little puppy on wheels.  She calls him (creatively), Puppy.  I told her she could bring him in, but she might want to ask if he is allowed, because many times dogs are not allowed in restaurants.  She went up to the counter and hoisted him up in view to the girl working and said, "Can he please come in here?  He isn't a real dog, don't worry."  It was adorable and the girl working was awesome.  She checked him out and agreed that he could stay.  Happiest girl.
  • This weekend we had time for tons of fun things and somehow we managed to do a bunch of work around the house too.  Fun and productive?  I wasn't sure that was possible!
  • This week, Jillian opened a public bathroom door with her elbows.  She is my daughter, that is for sure.
  • Myles has a new and intense excitement about golf.  Ben got him a little set of golf clubs and he was hitting around the yard all night tonight.
  • I made an amazing Craigslist score.  I've been looking for an antique-ish metal bed frame for Jillian for quite a while, but I wasn't really feeling the $300 odd shaped (not twin or full) frames that I have found at antique stores.  My ultimate score?  A red painted frame for $25.  Sold.  A few cans of "Berry Pink" spray paint and I have a very happy little girl.  I knew I needed something special because she has been so attached to her little toddler bed, which cracks me up, since Myles was in a twin bed at two.  Anyway, her bedroom has been transformed and she is loving it.  I was lucky enough to keep the same number of animals and princesses in her new bed, despite the fact that she has a lot more room.
  • Ice cream with Nerds on top.  Excellent.  Even better, I scooped a bowl with Nerds tonight to eat while I typed...and then I saw Ben's ice cream...with peanuts, brownie, and chocolate syrup.  He was nice enough to trade me.  Love him.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • It's summer...and I'm working five days a week.  Five.
  • Insomnia.  Seriously.  I need to sleep...and more than an hour at a time, please.

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  1. Your daughter's love for pink seems like it could rival my own! Loved this week's lists!


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