Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Today Myles is six and a half.  Seriously, it's crazy.  We celebrated with a boat ride to the ice cream store.  Myles's pick: Moosetracks with Oreos on top.  Jillian's: Moosetracks with...gummy bears.  
  • Back a few months ago in this post I told you about Jillian drawing a ghost in a supposed haunted restaurant.  We went back to the restaurant this weekend.  Mind you, we have never once said anything to either of our children about the restaurant being haunted (even after her creepy drawings the last time).  As soon as we walked in the door she said, "Oh, so the ghosts are upstairs this time, Momma?"  Totally freaks me out, but awesome all at the same time.
  • Tomorrow is Myles's last day of school!  We are pretty excited for a fun-filled summer.  I am taking the day off on Thursday to enjoy the first wonderful day of break with the kids.
  • Last night, Ben went up to our room for a minute and noticed Myles was still awake.  He told him to close his eyes and go to sleep.  In turn, he checked on Jillian as well.  She had a great fake sleep going on.  It was almost perfect...until he asked her if she was sleeping.  She nodded.
  • Yesterday, Myles came home with worksheets that his class received to keep up their good work over the summer.  He was barely in the door before he wanted to start working on it.  He did a good chuck already...and school isn't even out yet.
  • Today a brown box appeared at my doorstep.  In my excitement, I started racking my brain for what wonderful thing that I had ordered would fit in this box.  I opened's my books for my MSU classes that start July 1st.  Not exactly what I had pictured...
  • Grilling season.  Seriously, dinner is a whole lot easier for this Mom.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Around midnight on Thursday avalanche occurred in my closet.  It was terrible.  A long section of my closet that held all of my dresses, suits, jackets, stacked sweaters, and even a basket of all of my purses...broke.  Clothes and purses came pouring out my closet door.  It was overwhelming and simply...a mess.  My mother-in-law saw it and said it was way worse than I could have ever described...  On the bright side, my closet is clean as a whistle now and I weeded out a lot of clothes to donate to Goodwill...something I've been planning to do, but just had not done.  Guess that was the nudge I needed.

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